$10K SaaS Roadmap

Denis Shatalin
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4 steps to scale your SaaS from 0 to first $10K in profit

Originally it was a manual for my 1-1 founder program. I hit 250 downloads in a few weeks after showing it to public. If you're an early-stage SaaS founder under 30 paying users, following steps in this Roadmap will get you to sustainable cashflow. It worked for my SaaS, works for my partners' products, and I'm still waiting for the day someone complains it didn't work.

I'm on a mission of helping founders bring cool startups into our world. That's why I'm sharing it with you for free.

What's inside?

1. Message that got me 20 presales

2. Elements of websites that convert like crazy

3. How to go viral with your product

4. Tactic that grows startups to $40k MRR in 6 months

5. Main principle for building products that scale

And more!

Concepts that I broke down in detail:

Ideal Customer Profile

First sales

Product Roadmap

Converting website

Email marketing

10 ratings
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$10K SaaS Roadmap

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